Nova Prospekt runaway.

Another Alyx&Gordon pic from me

Rate & comment please

Wow, nice. I love the blood and Alyx’s face.

Woah nice tough some texturing looks a wee bit weird.

Too bad that gordon model sucks ass.

Do you know better models?

Gordon has really stubby arms.

Holy shit MadCopter is back :swoon:

Nah, currently every Gordon model sucks, but friend is working on one now - it will take a while till it gets finished, though. I guess.

Old pic.

// Your pic is good as usual, apart from that texturing on Alyx, it’s just flat.

Like the pose and lightning. Just the texturing on alyx jacket isn’t really great.
Bad choice of a material and the texture doesn’t flow with the folds.

The texture work on Gordon is really nice but it looks dumb on Alyx. The direction of the texture isn’t varied nearly enough and it doesn’t look like any material I know… I thought she wore a leather jacket or something.

texture on alyx looks weird