so hers my map that im making for my future rp server . reason why im showing photos is because i want some opinion’s.
should i keep going into finishing this map or should i just give up.
I fell like when im done making this map that it going to look horribly made and people wont play on my server
so here we go

this one everyone should know is the jail. the doors really slide like in real jail cell’s

this is one corner of the map i called a warehouse station

this is the inside of a warehouse from the last picture

this is one of the hotels. thinking of changing the light color.not sure yet

hers the inside of the hotel i haven’t finished with the railing yet.

this is a fight club arena i made. the generator really turns on and powers the lights

this one is obvious. i decided to keep it next to the pd

and last is this top floor of the mayors building

also i have a couple of secret doors as well .im not showing them because there secret rooms.

anyways what do you think? should i keep going or should i stop?
let me know in the comments please

Very blocky, Very dull looking.

You should stop and improve your brush work

Lighting could use some work. Try to use mostly light_spots. It’ll make things look much more realistic.

those rooms/hotel where really the only one’s without light_spots except the fight club arena

That’s what caught my eye. I tend to use basic light entities as a last resort. Fight club arena looks really nice though!

Lol that building is from downtown

instead of making slanted roofs the same texture on both sides make the texture from the wall actually scale up, itll make it look less blocky

you dont have to stop but just improve every thing in the map. stick with basic layout and go praticing on making it more detailed and so on. best thing to do is go find alot off pics from the internet and look how its done in the real world, just keep practicing. youre first maps will always look shit compared to maps you make when your are mapping for a few years.

good luck

With textures abide by the following:

If it says “metal floor” dont use it as a ceiling. Use the textures for what they are meant for. You can use a few of the concretefloor ones as ceilings, but the metal ones dont fit.
Grate textures should have metal borders, like how doors and windows need frames, the grate textures look better if they are framed.
Obviosuly, combine textures should be avoided if the area is in our universe. Again, a few combine textures are fairly human looking (like the rusty metal one), buto n the whole try and avoid using them if you can.

Your texture alignment needs a lot of work. You need to make things less blocky too.

Wow OP, look at your wallet.

Really though, it doesn’t look like an RP map at all, especially not with that canyon in the middle.

In my opinion it’s a great start, not brilliant by a long shot, definitely could use some work but what you’ve made so far is pretty good.

Now just try to focus on spacing, realism and detail - add/remove items that might not seem right and add brushwork in other areas for detail.

Such as on your ceilings - try breaking it up by adding ‘framework’ (I use that term lightly, not actual scaffolding)

The block on the left is currently what a lot of your surfaces look like, try making it more like the one on the right (not empty) just add side skirting to add a bit more detail.

Add some more props and try getting reference (seriously - do this, it works wonders).

I have hope in you.


I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

Blocky, and work on your lighting.

ok so lighting and looking Lego like is so far makeing my map look bad . so far i got one good comment about the fight club arena at least. i will fix the lighting. ill put up more pictures of the rest of the map when i can also the reason why all the buildings are flat on top is because most of the building have roof access but ill do what i can to make it less blocky.


That looks pretty good. You should try and break up the blockyness by using props such as pipes/vents.


Looks good, but again seems very blocky and empty. Perhaps add some buildings on the outside areas to increase realism?

This looks good. The lighting is pretty good. It just seems too empty. Perhaps add some more crates ontop of the other ones? Or maybe add some decals.

Try not to use repeating textures. Most textures come in sets of three, the bottom, middle, and top. Try to use those, though you could keep the yellow brick for the bottom layer. Try to change the lights on the first floor. They should be white-ish, not yellow.

Try to fix up the rails, and the lights. Perhaps make it less blocky by using more props?

Wow. This is actually very good. Try keeping it like this. Maybe add a few more props?

Good, but it seems empty.

This is excellent. Just make it a bit less empty, and it’ll be perfect.

her are some small edits i mad so far .let me know what you guys/girls/it’s think.

Here’s something that you should always think about when releasing a map.

Would YOU actually play in the map. And what would make others want to play your map?

Why in god’s name does using a ceiling texture for a floor matter? It’s not like you’re paid money by the texture, man. Aslong as it fits the environment.