NovaRP V 1.2

NovaRP is a game mode based of Cider. It is currently at version 1.2 and we are looking to upgrade to version 2.0 in the
coming weeks, Version 2.0 would mean a total base code revamp to improve some of the little niggles we have been experiencing
over the last few weeks.

The GM has been developed by myself and Toby over the last year in order to get to this point. We have it running in a 40 slot server
so we can get some feedback in terms of any improvements or anything that needs to be added/removed.

Over the last few days i have been having talks with TDM about a couple of custom cars and with some other Developers about custom Models.

Where we want to get too

We are looking to become a unique but realistically balanced RP server. We’re Aiming for realistic prices on Suits, Cars, Weapons and Illegal items.
We’re aiming to have TDM cars for some more added realism and finally we are aiming to make sure every job is balanced and have a realistic
amount of force and power.

What we would like you to do

We would like you guys (An Outside Perspective) to hop onto the server and give us feedback in order to improve our GM and get a
little bit more content out. I have provided our IP below and i would really appreciate some feedback.



Good luck making a CityRP replica.

We’re not trying to create a CityRP but more take the RP further into a more realistic stage.

CityRP & NovaRP are both based on Cider. Its like saying that Wuw’s PERP and PulsarGaming’s tried to copy eachother. And, also saying that all the DarkRP servers are a replica of the first DarkRP server.
Its called open source, idiot.

Overall this looks pretty nice, good luck.

Adding more Screenshots of GUI ETC in a bit.

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Updated with more images.

I really hate it when the owners give themselves money

Yeah, I reset my character now :P.

Note: More Non-Police pictures coming up soon.

Maybe its because they need to test something :smiley:


I’m assuming it isn’t for public release? ;(

I’m willing to fix up the suit models to have a variation if you want - I love me some hacking. I actually did the closed suit citizens not too long ago.

Had a good laugh when I saw the GUI, thanks.

I don’t think the GUI is bad at all. Not great but not bad.

Oh no my friend, it’s not a copy. It’s a straight rip off. It’s like saying that copied .

No, no, no, no. Wrong. CityRP is a modified Cider gamemode, just like Applejack, EvoRP and NovaRP. NovaRP is in no way a ripoff of CityRP, they’re just based on the same gamemode.
This is coming from a long-time player and donator of FearlessRP’s servers.

Looks like a edited version of applejack, anyway, looks good :3

It obviously would, i mean them both are based on Cider, ysoretard?

Why are you being so hostile towards people, especially if they said “looks good”…

Not the best way to gain support…

I swear to god this is Facepunch’s worst poster ever.

He’s starting to piss me off.

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Also, I highly recommend making a nice looking gui.

Ahhh a derivative of my good ol’ Cider.