Novelty weapons! Idea.

Would be funny to have things like:

shanks [broken wood/metal, as strong as a current rock but 2x chance for bleed and as fast as hatchet],

throwing rocks [super weak but funny for getting attention, makes user vibrate or shake a tiny bit],

Spears [wood pole+ metal tip, same dmg as stone hatchet when stabbing, same dmg as pickaxe when thrown. half the speed of arrows, more drop.?/]

Rusty Scissors, [half dmg of rock, just for Yolo??] if you kill someone with these bad boys you got all night brag rights.

Rusty Crossbow [ no crosshair like bow, shoots faster with same drop, has a 35% chance to missfire and reload same time as pipe shotgun, dmg around 60 on a naked, 44 on kevlar.


If you would like to see something like these added the the game Press the Agree forum Button! they have to see la…

that gave me more cancer than shangai’s pollution

im not allowed to watch M rated movies yet =(.

I can agree with this idea.

Would love the damn shank, “Hey new guy come here for a sec ill give you food. STAB STAB STABBY STAB… you are the food.”

I think this would add a quirky element to the game.

that would be awesome for there to be more of a melee combat element to this game. there’d have to be some kind of blocking though or makeshift shields :rock: ninja shoes so people cant hear your footsteps so you can sneak up and shank em. if they end up shooting and killing you, at least they’ll have tetanus. tetanus shots only available in air drops

I like the spear idea, crossbow idea I could get down with too. The rest not so much.

We can all Dream ^^

Give me throwing rocks. Now.

sounds fucking awesome! keep this up there!

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