Novo Sv Brasileiro Garry's Mod 11 - Em Testes Go!

sv gmod sem lag dos svs gringos :smiley:
nunca achei um sv br de gmod entao resolvi criar :stuck_out_tongue:
esta em testes ainda, aceito sugestões
preciso de adms
go :smiley:

New Server Garry’s Mod 11
Server Brasileiro
Server testing


Limon siete!

Joking aside, please use english on these forums.

Google translate is an option, although it doesn’t translate that good.

I rated him bad spelling.

You can’t even edit darkrp without it breaking it


also I don’t think google can get it

sv svs gmod without lag of gringos: D
never thought of a sv br gmod then decided to create: P
in this test yet, suggestions welcome
need adms
go: D

New Garry's Mod 11 Server
Server Brasileiro
Server testing 27,015



Gmod without lag or mingebags
never thought of owning a sever for garrysmod then I created one
this is a test suggestion welcome

New Garry's Mod 11 Server
Good Server
Testing server 27,015


Heres a rough translation I could make from it

@word gringos are white guys…Lag of americans essentially.

Bando de zé mané, português é a LÍNGUA UNIVERSAL AUEHuasheUH
O cara até desistiu de postar com vcs aqui…

Google Translate it! lolol

Did you just bump a thread from April 2010 to say

(translated by Google Translate)
I mean Christ, was that really needed? There’s been so many silly bumps this week and I have no idea why.

Sigh what the fuck. This is why i feel ashamed.

BR gonna invade and ruin Garry’s Mod now, too?