[Novus Gaming] - [100 slot][Vanilla][PVP/Sleepers][East Coast USA | English]

Hello Facepunch, I’m Trunk Yeti. There is a story behind the name, but that is for a different time. Recently I began playing Rust and quickly became infatuated with the game. As I continued to play I began to notice a trend, most servers were run by people who cannot avoid the temptation of abusing commands that are meant to be used as tools, not as toys. So I decided to take some of my hard earned money and attempt to offer something Novus.


  • Completely free of admin abuse (While I realize this is a popular claim to make, few actually are able to provide it)
  • 100 slots hosted in Atlanta
  • 10 slot mumble hosted in Atlanta
  • Vanilla
  • Completely new server
  • PVP/Sleepers


  • Server Name: [Novus Gaming][PVP/Sleepers]
  • Server Connection Info:
  • Mumble Connection Info:

To connect to the server:

  1. Start Rust.
  2. While at the main menu press “f1” to bring up the in game console.
  3. In the console type “net.connect” without the quotation marks.