Novus Servers!

excellent role playing server 30 slots.
new darkrp
more jobs
weapons pack
lots of extra stools
also check website for updates
Running map: rp_oviscity_gmc4
also If i wanted to rp without guns, i’d walk outside my house.

How about no?


You don’t even post anything to backup your claim that this is a “Excellent” rp server.

All you did was post the IP and site URL and you expect people to join? Get out.

ill join this is best server all should join this


Get rid of:
Then I might join.

People don’t use these for RP, then why even add them?

A trailer, pictures, or something there would do a diffrent compare to 50 millions other dark rp servers.

“PHX3 wire drugmod new darkrp more jobs weapons pack lots of extra stools”
It’s another minge heaven!!! D:

After all your comments on the whole server advertsment, it seems like you are a troll. Please give it some critizism.

Except it is a minge heaven and is a perfectly reasonable statement due to the evidence he presented right there.

Get off your high-horse please.

Excuse me my high horse?
I’m telling a fact that you can’t accept.

I’ve tried to give people some criticism but they just don’t listen.

And everything he says is true.

unicorns have horns.

Yeah that’s true but now you are assposting!

gave server changes request to owner of server

wich changes?