Novus Two Cloth Base

I need the Novus Two Cloth Base
Anyone have it?

Novus two doesn’t have clothing base, lucky for you, I coded it into Novus Two working off of Severence, put all of the hooks, autos, etc into novustwo/gamemode/design/ and also merge the items folder with the current one. The combat uniform and tactical uniform are the example items to work off of.

Or enable currency in severance :slight_smile:

Currency is coded out of severence, that would break it.


Testing now

It worked but their weapons do not show.

The weapons thing not working probably means you didn’t install realCS, also Axiom yes, currency doesn’t work.

Yes it does. Parasite is Severance mod. It has currency.

its installed. The weapons do not show on the person.


Where do i fine the severance currency in the code?


Ok. so which files did you edit. Im looking at it and some stuff broke when i put in the files like the weapons.

Not the nexus version.

/me facepalms

Come on how. I tryed to enable it in game. And it did not work.