Now, about that beer I owed you.


Really good. Keep it up. I love that little bit of highlighting on the dot-sight.

“I don’t have it, here, have this SMG instead.”

God damn, your editing style is awesome.
Wish I knew how to imitate it. :slight_smile:

uber awesome once again, btw did you send that one of breen to valve yet?

Amazing work.

I love you.
Have a heart.

this makes me remember about that RED soldier edit i saw a couple of weeks ago
really good

I sent it, but I don’t expect any reply.

Now for Barneys Makeover

sorry if i’m not informed but,what?
you send stuff to Valve superscatman?

no, someone on here said I should email it to valve, I did to see if I would get a response. I really don’t expect one.

Here is one color blue, the other green


And brown

were u git hd smg mdl?

Seriously, I like that SMG.

Anyway, nice. The highlight on the gun is inspiring. It’s inspired me to ask how the hell you shade and highlight so well.