Now approaching day #3 of no service with HFB Servers , I was DDos'd

So my server all of a sudden stopped working a few days ago, after some tickets I finally get a response about 30 hours ago , saying my server was DDos’d , Im assuming I was hacked.
Three days now I wait , I had a popular server with 50+ regulars everyday , from what ive read it usually dosent take more that 24 hours to correct this problem from other providers, so why is it taking HFB so long or is this normal? from what ive read it shouldnt be taking this long.
It BS because I was doing so well my players may find interest in another server, is this a normal waiting period almost 3 days?

Normal for HFB. They have terrible customer service. I purchased a server from them for a month… never again.

Garry and the rest of the Facepunch team should live up to their word of ‘finding reliable 3rd party server providers’ and terminate services with HFB entirely. There has been WAY too many complaints about their service for something like this to have gone unnoticed by Garry and team.

I have had zero issues with HFB up until this. =(

My server was down for 7 days straight with them before I got a refund and moved on. They wrecked all the hard work I did in growing my server (170 population peak). 3 days may have already been too long to retain all but the most loyal players, the sooner you move the better it will be.