"Now calm the fuck down, we don't need any blood spill just yet." Mercenaries Holding A Hostage Againgst His Partners In A Warehouse


C&C, I think. Unsure if I want any.
Rate and comment if you like, or dislike it, because it helps alot in motivating me.

[sp]I am sorry for being such an asshole at times[/sp]


wow a hair edit done subtly and well

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also the faceposing on that dude looks really natural

That is no edit, son, that is pure model.
And yeah, I think I did really well on the faces.

Thanks for the post.

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Switched out for a version without borders and added the original in a thumb.

Nice lighting, especially on the (our) left guy.

It’s not just me right?
That one guy in the blue shirt… his eyes ARE pink right?

Blue+red light cause them to look slightly pink tinted.

I was mainly just checking to make sure no one laced my soda.
Thank you.

hey, this is cool

“Dammit, I got something in my eye!”

I guess it’s okay.

Looks awesome, Fussy! :smile:

Very nice indeed.

Fucking hell I better copyright that shit

Too late.

You appear to have only done shading on Red Beret’s arm, when it could have really been used in other places like in the crook of the hostage’s arm or underneath Red’s arm.

Not a huge deal though because it doesn’t subtract from the quality, and shading is rather difficult to get right.

Only really did shading on the Beret’s arm because it would be more noticeable than anything else.

Very nice items.