"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity 1945.



Many thanks to Fussy for the music.

Creepy motherfucking space-cyborg zombies.

I am not good english… besides the weird title nice picture

That’s nice.

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity 1945.

Very nice!

still sounds alittle weird

He dun fucked up. That’s terrible grammar. I don’t know if you’re misquoting it or if in the context of whatever novel this is, it makes more sense… but it’s totally grammatically incorrect.


Okay I researched the quote. I still don’t understand why it’s wrong. My guess it is a weird translation of the ancient Hindu script.

Seriously guys? It’s a quote he remembered from Hindu scripture that he said after the first atomic detonation.

Learn some history.

Many thanks for the ratings :saddowns:

As for the picture (yeah I post on-topic occasionally). The posing on the main subject is really cool… creepily unfeeling, but yet still sentient. The lighting and atmosphere are nice enough. My only real complaint is the somewhat empty space on the left in comparison to the filled background on the right.

I ninja’d you so nurrrrr

And the grammar is still incorrect, history learnt or not.

:golfclap: Good work, my good sir.

Just FYI guys, you’re here to rate and criticize the image, not the spelling :v:

looks like he’s right

although,i really find that weird

Just for those still arguing

Before I found out it was a Hindu translation, my bet was on archaic language of some form. I didn’t realise the archaic Hindi would be translated into archaic English though.

If there really was a problem with the grammar of that quote then i think they would’ve corrected it at least 60 years ago.

Grammar aside, the picture looks awesome.

If they corrected the grammar, would it really be a quote?

Yeah, but no, picture looks pretty sexy.

I get an I Robot sort of feel from this. Nice work.

There’s nothing to correct; some people just aren’t as learned as they think.

Can’t believe people didn’t know about that :frowning:

Anyway great picture.