Now introducing, the all new SPIDA-BRENT! (Does whatever a spider Brent does!)

(Do yourself a favor and just hit play)

I need all the C&C I can get please! I’d love to hear your opinions!


there’s something very rubbery and strange about your editing but I really like this pic

maybe this would fit you more

I like the edit, but I’m not a fan of the composition.

Also, the faceposing on the guy is off. I see what you’re trying to do, but instead of making him look mad and like he’s having a good time, he instead looks like the moment after he took a really big shit.

Neat stuff though. Keep it up.

Yeah I know the composition isn’t great, it bothered me too throughout the whole process but laziness did its thing,

and yes, I did infact try to make him look mad and crazy and shit, but I am not sure how I could fix whatever it is you’re talking about, any suggestions?

also he actually did just take a really big shit

there’s something really old-school about this, i like it

Its because of the bloom aint it

I’m a horrible person.
I love this picture, and it’s so beautiful,
but my absolute first thought after seeing this was the following:

wasn’t that the joke?

thats what inspired me lol