"Now listen up boy!" Red spy shows red scout pictures of his mother with the blue spy

Something I made, posing took about five minutes, one minute finding a smoke effect and then spent two minutes in photoshop changing the smoke to fit the picture. So it took me 8 to 9 minutes to get this done.

So are the teams switched on purpose, or was that an accident?

Lol Copycat.
Somebody already did exactly the same picture only with blu spy and blu scout.
But its not that bad.
You already improved.

Spy: Im sorry Scout, You have contracted AIDS from all that anal sex with the rest of the Team.

Scout: You all were raping me in the sex comics!

Spy: :3:

Well I didnt know that there was already one of these. So dont call me a copycat…

Its just because theres the exactly same position and exactly the same camera angle.

On purpose, just to show that not all bad things happen on blu team.


WoW :0! That’s a shit load of pictures of his mother in a playboy magazine.