Now, Lua's autorun isn't autorunning. >:(

I’m starting to get pissed with all these errors, i seriously don’t give a shit if it’s my code or not, i just want it to work.

local button1 = vgui.Create(“DButton”)
button1:SetText(“Kill Yourself!”)
button1.DoClick = function()

can there be a simpler fucking derma code!?

but i put it in the autorun folder, guess what?

theres no
in the left hand corner
of the fucking screen

i have restarted everything.

i’m starting to thing it’s not my code…

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It would be nice if you could post errors, and I can see from the code that line eight is misspelled and should be “end”. Why is there an end at the end of that code anyway? There’s no function.
Edit: What the hell. You already made another thread six hours ago about the same thing Learn to be patient. You’re getting angry when the error is your own damn code.

Looking at his code there are two or more errors:

1.) Your function “end” is spelled wrong
2.) You are probably putting that exact code into a clientside autorun which is not run at the correct time. Wrap it in a function that is hooked to Initialize.

Make sure that it is in the client folder.
@ warbasher - There is a function after button1.DoClick.