"Now Madness Takes You...Forever!"

Scarecrow was awesome in “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. I had to do a shot featuring him eventually…Lots of Post-processing effects and Photoshop work in this one to create a trippy, nightmarish feeling. The dark colors around the two characters helps to create a sense of claustrophobia.

A perfect picture for Halloween. Rated artistic

Pretty nice.

i wish there was a model pack already…

Eh. All I really want is Scarecrow and Ivy. :stuck_out_tongue: Just waiting on the 2nd one now…

Her hand closest to the screen looks MASSIVE.

Perspective, that’s all.

I’ve noticed that for some reason in Gmod things that are farther away from the center of the screen (as in, closer towards the edges) actually end up looking slightly larger…

Do you zoom out with the camera tool? It creates that sort of fisheye effect.

Wait, you can zoom with the camera tool? How did I not know that after all this time?! How do you do that?

Oh my. Hold right click and then mess about with the mouse.

Hm, that might fix my fish-eye problem, thanks.


Yea, that’s your problem. When you switch to the camera it is zoomed out just a teensy bit by default. Zoom it back in to fix your fisheye.

(FYI, you can also tilt. Same way chesty said 'cept you move the mouse left and right)

I dont like the random lens flare on the hand…
But everything else is cool, colors, posing and effects :slight_smile:

Scarecrow’s grabbin everything he can.

You know what’s funny? I just re-opened Gmod a few minutes ago and couldn’t’ find my Scarecrow model. Like, at all. Boy do I feel like an idiot. Someone should make a spawnlist for the scarecrow model or something…

I think the shitty depth of field ruined it.

Or it may have made it better I don’t know.

I sense rape, but I could be mistaken.

So THAT’S what Scarecrow has in those syringes… Date rape drugs O.O

If it is, then he uses it way too much on Batman.

I guess he has a thing for guys in costume.