"Now tell me, WHERE IS SANDVICH!" Heavy holds scout over a roof

That scout took his sandvich again. This time Heavy has taken serious actions.


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Gravity is a real pain when trying to pose a scout upside down.
Scouts dog tag is clipping his neck…

I liked it.

Sandwich stealing scouts should in deed be hunted down. Deals you a funny.

I presume you are referring to the TF2 video:)

Kind of. But in the Meet the Scout trailer they where on different teams.

poor scout

The Heavy dose not look that angry :byodood:
my only complaint…

Yeah face posing for Heavy is messed up. I can either make me happy or sad… But I got a phys patch to fix it.

“Now, Mr. Scout, would you please tell me where I could find my delicious Sandvich?”

I think the heavy broke his finger

And the scout’s knee looks a bit odd too.

lol :slight_smile:

Great pose but more angrier facef or heavy