Now That They Called off the Genocide...

After the war was over some of the soldiers didn’t know what to do with themselves.

That grunt looks like you just threw him on the couch, and lazily lifted his arms, and just put random beer bottles

You need to work on everything,come back when you have something better.

Chill, fellas. I’m still new at this. w

Yes, but DiscoSlice. What you need to do is look at the quality of your picture then look at most of the screenshots on here and compare the two. If yours isn’t half as good then don’t post it cause you will be treated like this. When posting here it’s expected that the picture has some skill and effort put into it.

I agree with the effort part, skill doesn’t come up by itself.
That’s why you have this section and criticism.

This doesn’t seem like a partictulary good model to pose with. I dunno.

Also, I suggest you get a photo editor or something to help detail it.

What I meant by skill is from the use of angles, lighting, prop placement, posing ect… And from this, there is very little of it going on.

If I didn’t know any better I would think OP was trollin’ but you just suck. At least you tried

Haters gonna hate

we b hatin

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i b hatin 2

almost as bad as my shit.

his is way better

Well that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if I ever saw one. How’s he supposed to improve if no one sees his stuff? People can’t mature as artists in a vacuum.

holy fucking shit, yes

every time i see you fucktards put someone down just because :smug: your work is better :smug: i want to hit all of you.

They see me hatin’
They cryin’

A stunningly deep and emotional pose, my soul is conflicting within itself as I ponder the days of my life…

Tomorrow, I will end up like this grunt, with a bottle of spirits in my lap and cheap payperview porno on my television screen.

you make that sound like a bad thing