Now THAT'S Ingenuity! A Solution to: Rape

Hola all. Been a long time since I’ve been here. Been forever since I’ve made and posted a comic. Comic’s just a cheap laugh.

Click the banner to view the comic (for some reason, if I try and post it directly in this post, the image doesn’t show up. May just be “Preview Post” screwing up on me, or it may be anti-page-stretching. I’m not sure.)

If the image quality is terrible, give it time to load. I had to make it progressive-loading to make it fit under CubeUpload’s 3mb limit, and I didn’t really want to break up an 8-frame comic to fit in otherwise.


I laughed.
I was expecting that new invention in South Africa but this was much more funny.

hahahahahaha, genius

Counter Rape

Hahaha xD

lolololololololololololololol you are a genuis

A knife ass rape. Fitting for such as him.

Well, that’s a way to do it

That’s what I thought.

This is why I need my friend to come over more. I don’t even know how this was brought up (we were playing EQ2 :v:), but somehow our conversation turned to me being raped by a dead-red boss, and my friend saying, mockingly, “Then rape him back!”

Thusly, this comic was born.

Ahh, Everquest 2, what would we do without you?

[sp]Probably have a life[/sp] :smith: