Now they have clue you back together, IN HELL!

Yeah, this is my screenshot about demoman blowing shit out of house…


Well, the camera angle is certainly nice and very worked on.
But the stickybomb launcher is a bit too high up and the explosion effects are horrid, which is why nobody ever uses them.

And avoid using TF2 characters in HL2 maps. You could have used koth_harvest_final instead.

They’re going to have to glue you back together. In Hell!

So they have to find clues to get him back together in hell?
Anyway, you should’ve used a TF2 map for this. TF2 does not mix with HL2 very well.

Haha, thanks for critics. I’ll use TF2 chracter’s ONLY in TF2 MAPS next time.

No problem. :dance:

Everything is perfect apart from the map.
Fingerposing,you also made the hl2 explosion somewhat better :buddy:

Strange, I never thought of clues as an adhesve…

Uh oh, i noticed it too… bad spelling by me!