"Now what do we have here?" Airborne finds something on the closing days of the war



If anybody want to post some thread music that would be nice

Oh and if you didn’t know this was in fact a scene build

Looks good

I attempted to locate worthy thread music.

But I was unsuccessful.

This picture is pretty awesome though. Good work Iceblizzerd.

I thought ‘something’ was going to be a bit more depressing, but 1,900 pounds of high explosive isn’t exactly something you want to stumble across either. :pseudo: They have one strung up from the roof of the Australian War Memorial’s late WWII gallery, and I remember seeing one in Duxford still on its launch ramp as a kid. Saw a few V1/V2 launch sites in France and Belgium, too.

Not bad, but could’ve used more undergrowth around the V1.

I was originaly planning on him and a friend sitting on it but eh, got lazy.

Also i would of put more undergrowth but I cant find anything!

RnL vegetation.

Thanks, ill use it next time

Took me a moment to notice it’s a V1. … kinda looks like a whale.

I also thought it kinda looked like a dolphin or something.

So it’s NOT a dolphin or whale? Looks like one to me.

It’s a V1 flying bomb duder

I thought it was a dolphin at first

Same for me.

No it’s a dolphin.


That is fucking hilarious!

that’s no dolphin it’s a fucking shark don’t do it

that was in caps for effect but i forgot about this place’s shitty caps filter on account of no other forum i post on having it so FUK U

Nope, it’s OBVIOUSLY a dolphin! As evidenced by my opinion, it’s A DOLPHIN!

It looked like a fucking dolphin from the first second.

So did three others.

I’d say it looks like God’s fishing lure