Nowhere To Run, Nazi

Huge thanks to Agilor for him to being patient with editing of my work! Also Hoopty for advising me too! Ty guys! <33

I would also like to hear some C&C cuz me and Agilor were working hard on this, thanks in advance! ^^




You can never have too much Wolfenstein



the blood effect is too small and simplified to pack any kind of punch

the rest is great


It could also use some sparks, considering the machine-things on the germans’ chests

Still a kickass picture

There are sparks when you look closely.

Thanks tho!

Wow,I was waiting to see this. Amazing job.

only complain is how the nazi jet is flying way too close to the ground and obviously going for the castle wall

love it, great job mate

Very neat. Liked the use of the Dawnguard props :3

Somehow the graphics on gmod is better than the wolfenstein :v , btw it looks amazing

Very excellent point of view, and I like the motion blur on the Flying Wing too.

I like the motion of the picture.