NoXiousNet | The AtomiCal event #2

Self promition much?

A yearly “Big” event we use to do on the sandbox server.
Filled with minigames made by people who play there.
The full video of the footage is being made.


Wow. That is awesome. How do you get into it?

yeah, id like to get involed with this.

playing at noxious is like cutting yourself, you don’t end up with scars but your still depressed after wards

This looks so much better than musical chairs, but that doesn’t mean people won’t spray Furry porn.

The event already happened. A friend of mine is working on editing the footage.

But we still do many other similar events.

Wahwahwah noxiouse trolls trolled meh.

Media tags for all… who are lazy.

oh cool, facepunch doesn’t rape HQ quality in embedded videos anymore.