NPC Accuracy, Grr..

Well, is there a way to improve the accuracy of NPC’s like Combines and Rebels. It annoys me how Rebels can get a clear headshot, but Combines aim horribly, and 10 often don’t stand a chance to only 1 Rebel.

just give them the Annabelle and run screaming
They can’t miss

Unfortunately it stopped working for me after about a day. It was really good while it lasted, though.

There was something a while back called NPC proficency or something similar which works very well

hmmm, thanks.

Use this: NPC_AI_1.1

It allows NPCs to throw grenades, form squads, move around the map without use of nodes, and combine are very capable of scoring headshots.

Author’s got a later version.

Nifty, thanks for the link.

Woah, forgot about this Thread. Thank you very much HighdefGE, and Ramirez.

I remeber having that. Dowloading it again because its great.

Nuff said, just download the combine one and they stand a chance against rebels.

Set combines to perfect and rebels to average. And well. Umm. THE COMBINES WILL TEAR THE REBELS TO FUCKING SHREDS.

Hell, I tried stopping 20 elites with my fucking Sasha swep that actually fired 10000rpm and really powerful bullets.

I failed.

Thanks guys.

I recommend npc ai and proficiency. Those two combined will totally extinguish the hopes of rebellion.

I have them both and I feel the challenge now.

Thanks, I love your Sweps btw. :smiley: