NPC Activator

I thought of this just now, and I think this could actually benefit a lot of machinima makers, or help them.

Basically, what it is, is a tool that you select a little prop from the menu or you can select a random prop you spawn to ‘disguise’ it.

When the tool is out, you can see a red circle created to show you that when any player enters it, any NPC’s inside it will activate. Upon leaving the circle, NPC’s will remain the same, or an option to allow NPC’s to freeze.

Options for this tool;

-Radius: a slider to determine how big the radius is.
-Enable/Disable (so you can place NPCs down)

Machinima, for those movies that contain a bunch of fighting NPC’s (but you don’t want them all going at the same damn time)

Roleplay (fighting and shit like that, mission-based roleplay basically)

Other things maybe

I had other ideas but I seem to have forgotten them! Shiiit :frown:

I guess in some way this is kinda like an in-game NPC activator, instead of decompiling the map you plan to use, placing nodes and all that confusing stuff, then playing which can take hours.

I take it some of you can’t be arsed :saddowns:

I’ve seen something like this. It’s close but not same thing. It’s npc spawn platforms. Dont think It will help u though.

Nah that won’t help, that just spawns certain NPC’s.

What I’m looking for is something that I can place on the ground with Mouse 1, and update it with mouse 1 or mouse 2 and have an effect on all NPC’s, not just ground ones. Useful for gunships or helicopters.