NPC Addon Weapons will never work properly again.

Back in GMOD 12, NPC’s would never have any problems with downloaded weapons. NPC’s could use weapons from CSS and other various addons without any problems at all. But ever since GMOD 13 came out it seems that the whole entire feature of NPC weapon addons has been removed completely. There seems to be no way to even add weapons for NPC’s at all. Silverlan’s NPC Tools features a way that you can spawn an NPC with a personal SWEP but the performance is terrible. This is what happens when you attempt to have an NPC use a CSS swep. The NPC just stands there and points the weapon in a way that it makes it look as if it were trying to punch the air with a gun in its hand. And the accuracy is just ridiculous (NPC’s will only fire a weapon every 2 seconds) . Not only that but they can’t even properly hold them (Ex. Citizen NPC’s will hold an M4A1 as if it were a pistol). The Combine seem to be the only NPC’s capable of holding the weapons correctly however they can’t even shoot them. Many of you might not really care about this but the fact that I can’t spawn an NPC with an M4 or an M249 just bothers me alot. I used to always enjoy having NPC’s armed with M249 machine guns battling endless waves of zombies but ever since the update I just can’t do that anymore. I wish there was a way to fix this. I miss the way things used to be.

I wouldn’t say never, just until Garry decides to implement it back in.