NPC AI has gone

hello, i downloaded the renaissance mod ages ago, and it has been working up to now, and i have a load of other npc packs aswel, have 349 npc’s in total, but i recently got on garrys mod and found that every time i spawn an npc from the renaissance pack, they just stand there and not do anything, and no, ai is not disabled, also, i re-installed the mod but it’s stil;l happening! can anyone please tell me what could cause this? or why this might hapen?

ignore player box may be ticked or something has gone wrong on the downloads (or on a download).

It might be the map you’re playing on, try re-downloading any maps you’re using.

the map doesnt have ai nodes maybe?

it cant be that, i tested them on gm construct, which is filled with them, and also, my npc’s from most of the other packs worked, it’s just half life 1 aliens so it seems

bad mod maybe?


Then it’s half life 1 aliens that are bugged, this could be of various reasons, such as conflicting addons and so on. If you can’t figure it out, delete that addon.

Don’t reply if you’re not going to help.

If you have an old version of xystus’ (Dan’s) SNPC pack installed, remove it and get the new version of his pack.
The old versions are conflicting with my SNPCs.
If that’s not the case, check for lua errors in the console when you spawn one of my SNPCs.

thx for the help dudes, there is a lua error message that comes up, but it goes away so quickly i dont have time to read what it says, oh and, which is the latest version of dans npc’s? i got 1.2 or something, i thought tht was the latest