Npc ai ideas

I thought it’d be interesting if npcs saw a corpse/ragdoll of their own kind (Or any kind, if that’s not possible,), they’d attempt to avoid it, or take a different path to reach their destination/target. After watching three combine soldiers die trying to go through one door, wouldn’t it make sense that the fourth soldier would try a different door or path instead?

Another thing, which I know I’ve seen before somewhere, but wouldn’t know how to create, is a code that’d Make npcs approach something if they hear it make a noise. Making zombies-or anything- attracted to the sound of gunfire (or away from it, if they’re unarmed…Again, if that’s possible,) would make things more interesting.

If either of them are possible, npc battles might seem a bit more realistic.

I like this idea but it just seems it would be hard to make.

The first request would be fairly easy to make, would be something like setting its lastposition to the side of the npc’s vector and its enemy’s right side or something, if its near a certain proximity of a dead squadmember or a ragdoll with the same model, would make him change paths, probably gonna have allot more math in it involved. Tho about the second one, not sure, never tried anything like that.

Well, if you think you might be able to do it, I encourage you to give it a shot. I’m not very good with Lua, though.

Sure, done something similar a while back, abit busy now with all the other projects I’m currently working on tho, but its on my to-do list.

Alright. Thanks, lad. Wish you luck on it.