npc and ragdoll lip sync?

have been waching some gmod things lately and I’ve noticed that people are getting npcs to lip sync them. Also whine the npc is “talking” the players are getting them do do different actions in-game. How can I do this, also thoose actions are with ragdolls too. What program is it? How can I get it? please help.

Yes i re-posted this because it got locked for no reason before people could post.

It’s the source sdk so I’ve heard. Technically not gmod apparently. The ghetto way to do this is the face poser to move the mouth open and closed.

No, I mean exact sync, go look at the video made by djy1991, his 50,000 subscribers video. Look at the perfect actions and the lip sync.

source sdk

There is an external set of programs you can download from Steam called the Source SDK, which is a development kit that includes a map editor, a lip-sync program and a bunch of other stuff as well. You basically load up faceposer, sync your audio, export it, then play the scene in GMod. There is a download somewhere on called NPC Scene or something, it will let you play your custom scenes, as well as scenes from HL2.

Faceposer in the SDK. That’s how. It has a feature to add an audioclip, and you can sync it up.

However, if you have Windows Vista you are not going to be able to use the Faceposer.

You can use faceposer, just not the voice part of it.

why cant you on vista?

Vista’s SAPI ( Speech API ) is apparently incompatible with the SDK.

Some thing that Valve probably overlooked, apparently only for the voice thing.

Wait, so does it automatically match the audio?

I don’t believe so.

That’s fucking retarded :frowning:

No, you need to type the words in iirc, and then it syncs up reasonably well.

How come when I load faceposer,3 secs after it loads i crash.

I don’t know. Any error message?

I got the message"Faceposer has encountered a problem and needs to close."
EDIT:The same thing happens with model veiwer"Model veiwer has encountered a problem and needs to close."

What operating system are you on

Windows XP