Npc Animation glitch

So i was playing gmod and i was on a map titled hewillnotdivideus, and i noticed that every time an npc walked, they would always face sideways and their legs would sort of bounce instead of move normally and every time they hold a gun their arms would clip inside their chest and come out by their hip, and every time an animation would play when theyre supposed to be sitting down in a chair they would be standing on top of the chair facing to the right. I brushed it off as a glitch in the map and moved to gm_construct, and it was still happening. ive been looking for a fix for weeks and ive tried reinstalling gmod completely, removing all my addons, deleting the models folder in my hl2 extra content folder, every fix i could possibly find on the internet. Now for some reason it only happens with male npcs. If anyone can find a fix to this that would be amazing. I would include a video or picture link but i dont know how to do that.