NPC animation issue

Hey guys, I am currently trying to get the Suit and Tie Player Model to work as an NPC that is spawnable, here is the link to the player model:

Here is the code that I used to convert it to NPC. It shows up fine in the NPC Menu, and I can spawn it, and can see the model perfectly, no errors, but he is stuck in the Minge Pose and when I try to use the Play Scene tool on him to make him choreograph custom animations and lip syncs, he only does the lip syncing, none of the walking or body movements:

local Category = "Humans + Resistance"

local NPC = {	Name = "SuitGuy",
				Class = "npc_citizen",
				Model = "models/player/suits/male_07.mdl",
				Health = "150",
				KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 },
				Category = Category }

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_suits", NPC )

I think I’m doing it right. Anyone out there who sees something that i MIGHT be doing wrong, please point me in the right direction.


Because I didn’t compile it with NPC animations, It only has player animations.

Use these models, they have the animations you want.

I converted them to NPCs successfully, and made them their own spawnmenu, but now they aren’t working as NPCs. I can make it so they appear in the model list and spawn as them, but they are stuck in the T-pose


Bump again, and this time, Shotgunguy, your animations do not work with choreography. They do the lipsync movements and retain the same position, but do not do any of the head movements.