NPC Animation Pack

Hello Facepunch
This is my first Thread and post
i am not that good at english
first to me I am a noob lua coder and cant do much with lua so dont ask me to do something with lua

Machnima Maker that work with NPC´s know the problem.
There is not a good NPC animating tool
with Npc scene/animation Npc´s fall “back” to the Idle animation or are turning around because hearing something or get shot.
NPC Controll (thats the best i think)has actor npc´s but they can carry no weapons and dieng to fast and u need to add animations.

This is a more Advanced Request not an 5min-Lua-code thingy


I want a fully working, fighting Npc that can be animated.
I dont care if these are the original source nps´s or scripted npc´s

First they should be a toggleable “Fighting-Mode” where the nps would fight, turn around and so on… just like when spawned
and then when it is turned off they would carry the weapons and would be able to be animated(not turning around like actor from npc controll! maybe with Overwrite AI??)
If Fighting mode is off for a special npc the nps´s would NOT attack anybody

First Tool:Trigger (first i need to explain this tool before actions tool)

The Trigger tool could turn everything(player, prop, npc) into a trigger
the trigger gets a name (like “scene 1” or “shop guy”) later for the animating and moving
the trigger should have the options like damaged, destroyed/killed, something goes through(prop,npc,player) or looked at it(player) or pressed use on it(player)
or numpad
when trigger are named the same then they have the same effect (1 output)

Second Tool: Action

This tool animates moves and let the nps other things do

First would have to pick an action like play animation(with choose of the animation) or toggle fight mode,drop/give weapon,say something(with lypsync), dieng, setting relationship, moving(with choose of animation, too) or teleporting,dissapering(removing)/spawning.(Then a trigger could be and end of an action, too thats why it should be have a name like trigger)
The primary fire would select a npc then the secondary fire a location where he would move or fire or throw grenade or droping his weapon/medkit/ammo.The Reload would be mark a entinity (like a weapon then would be taken or a ammo crate that would be throwing down like in hl2 or a combine carrying a turret like in nova prospekt or the npc with new relationship)

Actions should be playable at the same time like giving an npc and weapon and playing an animation

and the third tool
should be just relationship tool between 2 persons (npc-npc;npc-player)
like in npc control jsut when u shoot the world the player holding the tool would be selected and u could choose with R all player even when joined after setting relationship would have the relationship

Animation: if someone would do it i would collect all the animations names like in model viewer
and would list them below with a system

this is an example

“Entering Animation”,“Playing Animation”,“Exit Animation” like
when something would be empty like
“”,“sitting_ground_idle”,“sitting_ground_exit”(should be used maybe from idle to duck_idle etc…)
then there would be no such an animation but when it would be like
then the entering animation is in the Playing Animation or
this would have every animation in one animation
there are some “gesture” animations then could be played during a animation played
there are mostly named with g_ in the front of it so animations should be combineable

It would be cool if it would be saveable
or/and could be loaded from the mapstart(RP)

So this is my Request
This would be a milestone if someone would do it
but that would need some work of course

PS:If it would be chooseable with trigger tool when player is selected(like walking though something or pressing use) that u could choose between superadmin admin and guest that would not effect each other(superadmin would not trigger admin or guest and admin not guest) then it would be epic, too

Lol, so you could RP in singleplayer? :V

ya that would be possible but that would need random choice for the actions, too
i know pretty much lua coders that blame they have no ideas so i waiting for someone would do it