Npc Animation V5 Beta Link?

Does anyone have the Npc Animation V5 Beta Link because it was removed from Thanks for reading.

Video of animations

Aw man, that stinks. My guess is some people said it did not work because of engine updates. These are cool, but strictly for Machinima makers.

I had a version of this Animation mod, they would animate, but not like it happened. IE: after they jumped off a roof, they never went down, they hit the air, acted like they were falling, and then they somehow were still on the roof. That may have not been this mod though, for all I know, I could be referring to the Animation mod that scripts NPC’s and uses scenes, instead of actors. There is a chance that mod may still be available, you just have to use NPC’s instead of Actors. So look up NPC scene on the official DL website, and look up Animation again.