Npc animations are messed up on dedicated server

I really don’t understand this, I was installing mods to my server and I had a bunch of npcs of sorts and it was all working dandy, still I spawned npcs, specifically the humans. They’re animations are all buggered… I had installed all the same content to myself and loaded up a single player game and they were all fine? Then I tried just remaking a whole new dedicated server using SRCDS again… Guess what, same problem? I don’t understand this, all I did to create the dedicated server was

hldsupdatetool -command update -game “garrysmod” -dir F:\SRCDSGMOD
Also I’m not new to hosting servers, I am hosting for other mods, Obsidian Conflict, though that shouldn’t interfere…

So I am at loss, here is what it looks like:

Also if there are linux binaries, I want to try to create a virtualmachine nad run this and see the results.

I just made a fresh VM of server 2k3 x64 and the EXACT same thing happens, something is truly wrong with garrysmod.

This happens on my server aswell.

Sneezing lol