NPC Animations Choppy/Laggy

Recently when I’ve been spawning NPCs, their animations are laggy and choppy, like it’s skipping frames in the animation. Everything else works fine. Weapon anims are perfect, my computer isn’t laggy (Running roughly 40-70 FPS). Player w_model animations are fine.
I’ve also noticed other anims (Such as entering the pod anims) are choppy as well.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Theres 2 ways to fix this. Simply uncheck pirates viking and knigghts in the the expansion folder thing in garrysmod oipening screen(if you have it). or make a text document in your garrysmod folder the cfg one and make the title autoexec.cfg but with no writing inside and click save as. This worked for me, it happend to me last week :slight_smile: