NPC Animations for Lemonadescript


So I opened up an old version of Lemonadescript from a while ago (it worked perfectly back then), and thought about working on it to start a server. However, on preliminary testing, it appears that the NPC animations were completely screwed up, and weren’t working properly. They would would just play a series of incorrect animations.

In addition, the player models themselves could never unstick themselves from a T pose. I’m not sure if that’s related or not, but since the player models work on the NPC animations, I figured they would be.

Tried it in CakescriptG2 as well. Same result.

I’ve tried a few things, but none of them have had any sort of effect.
I’m not a coder, so any easy tips would be appreciated.

One of the problem with Cakescript is that it uses a very outdated method of animating ragdolls for playermodels, which obviously doesn’t work anymore. You need to find the player model equivalents. Which would require editing the hl2rp.lua in the schemas folder, etc.

In other words, it would take a decent of work to get Cakescript functioning again.

I had made a hands swep to replace the broken ones in Cakescript, not sure how much help that’ll be to you though

Well, thanks for the info and the download.

Don’t really know what to do now. I’d prefer not to be restricted to just playermodels, because there seems to be a dirth of them.