NPC Animations selector (not a movement tool)

I already asked this before, but people seem to be assholes and just say “like every other tool on right now?”

Nope. Those are broken, old, and not what I’m describing.

Now I’m just going to make a short and simple example followed by some features.

Step 1: Spawn a Citizen.
Step 2: Left click NPC or NPC’s
Step 3: Select ‘Sprint’ animation or any animation available to them.
Step 4: Right click anywhere. All NPC’s that were selected now deselect and play the Sprint animation. If an NPC does not have that animation, they either keep their idle animations or whatever they were doing or the animation doesn’t apply to any NPC because of an error.


Animation list. Either by NPC selection and selecting an animation or using a dropdown context menu where you select the NPC type, and an animation within that category.

Speed. Scroll or enter number. 0 is frozen, 0.5 is half-speed slow-mo, 1 is normal, 1.5 is half-speed sped-up, 2 is max (but can be altered by entering a higher number) speed.

If possible, animation still carries on if the NPC is shot.

“Do not attack” option. This means they won’t turn around or stop their animations and shoot at you or whatever or at any other NPC. This also makes them neutral, so other NPC’s won’t shoot them and be assholes.

Is there anything I didn’t god damn make simple enough?

For anims you have this thing : (anims are still carried when the npc is shot) and if some people say this is broken i don 't think people can fix it ,I don 't know why but if it was fixable people would did it a long time ago
You can 't make it slow-mo because it 's an anim (it 's source engine related) ,you will need to slow down everything with the command “host_timescale”
If you don t want them to attack you just tick the box in the NPCs menu from garrysmod or just use this ,there is a NPC relations feature
And I don 't understand the “sprint anim” thing ,if you select this animation ,where they will need to go ? If you want to select a path just use NPC control

Have a good day

I always saw NPC control as more movement control based as the animations never worked for me. I’ll test out the NPC Scene one, and I’ll come back with a result.

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The NPC Scene one is the one that kinda fits my description, only it’s hard to find animations.

It’s all drop-down menus and random positions for some, I’m not even sure all of the animations are present.

That ‘NPC Scene’ tool is missing alot of scenes, and they don’t repeat, which is also annoying. It’s very hard to find a certain scene as well.