NPC assaulting

I’ve read a couple of tutorials on how to make an NPC assault a target. I’ve got that much working, but the problem is I can only do it with a single NPC.

I have an antlion placed that acts as a template for npc_template_maker. Each one of the entities inside the red box is where an antlion spawns. That works ok.

The problem is however is when I set the trigger to turn the ai_goal_assault on, only a single NPC comes out. The rest just stay there.

Also I’m just wondering if there is a console command I can use to find the name of an entity.
Thank you for your help.

Use squad names. Make the whole squad attack. As in, use an npc_maker and name the squad “Squad 1” or something like that. Then adjust your other entities so that the whole squad moves as one.