NPC behavior scripting not working in garry's mod 13?

HI i’m new to facepunch and hope i’m not braking any rules iv been trying not to get band for another day.
im useing the code from
but it seams that StartSchedule is out of date for gmod 13 and the official wiki does not seam to offer any different approaches
the error is >> ‘StartEngineTask’ (number expected, got nil) <<AKA >>

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:91: bad argument #1 to ‘StartEngineTask’ (number expected, got nil)

  1. StartEngineTask - [C]:-1
  2. Start - lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:91
    3. StartTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:137
    4. SetTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:104
    5. StartSchedule - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:59
    6. SelectSchedule - gamemodes/npcattack/entities/entities/npc_budy/init.lua:72
    7. unknown - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:28


so i dug in to the schedules.lua and ai_task.lua API but lua is still fairly new to me and just intimidating altho great comments,
but my guess is that ai_schedule.New is not being used right??? again it is line for line form
I dont want to use the SetSchedule as the ai is to basic and slow responding for my use.

Old wiki, outdated code.

Use Next Bot.

thank you my week long delama is now fixed! thx!