NPC behavior?

I remember we in the old days had checkboxes for NPC behavior (follow/hated) etc.

What happened to those? Whenever I spawn an NPC they are pretty much grounded and won’t interact apart from stepping back.

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I’ve found the options hidden in C however they still don’t join my group in any way.

It may still be to be worked on.
And the context menu would be the place to set it.
Maybe submit a bug report?

Probably. Thanks though. It’s a pretty basic feature of GMOD of which has been around as base element of non-modified GMOD for ever-since. Seems rather stupid it got broken in one of the updates. I mean…

Anyways. I’ll leave this thread open for a while. See if any has a golden solution to this issue before I post the JIRA with a pre-resolved issue. Thanks though.