NPC Bloog

I did self:SetBloodColor(-1)
but when i shoot the SNPC it still shows blood…what do i do

sorry i typed bloog in the title, rough night.

Well first make sure you’re doing that on the server, also some NPCs like hunters and striders do not use blood color when they are attacked. To make sure try spawning that NPC regularly and use **[Entity.GetBloodColor](**

i’m doing it on “models/breen.mdl” still no good.

How do you get that cool link?

It says “BBCode Link” at the bottom of the Function table - it says that for most lua documentation pages.

Ah, thank you :slight_smile:

If you have Ubiquity for FireFox then you can use this script made by Crazy Quebecer and edited by me.

	names: ["Garry's Mod Wikilink"],
	icon: "",
	description: "Insert a link to the Garry's Mod wiki.",
	help: "Enter the title of a page, and a link name.  If a link name is not entered the page title will be used as the link name.",
	author: {name: "Crazy Quebecer", email: ""},
	license: "GPL",
	homepage: "",
	arguments: [
		{role: 'object', nountype: noun_arb_text, label: "Page title"},
		{role: 'alias', nountype: noun_arb_text, label: "Link name"}
	preview: function preview(pblock, args) {
		var aliastext = args.alias.text
		if (!aliastext)
			aliastext = args.object.text
		pblock.innerHTML = "Insert Wikilink:  <a href=\""+args.object.text+"\"]<B>"+aliastext+"</B> <img src=\"\"/></a>";
	execute: function execute(args) {
		var aliastext = args.alias.text
		if (!aliastext)
			aliastext = args.object.text

I’m very sorry for getting off topic.
As for the blood, a few months ago I was messing around with it, and if I remember correctly it doesn’t remove the blood decals that appear on surfaces, but it should remove the particle splashes. Except for those few exceptions like Crazy Quebecer mentioned.

From my testing it does change splashes as well. So you can have zombies bleed antlion blood or spark like a city scanner(which leaves no decals).
About the NPCs which you can’t stop from bleeding, using GetBloodColor on them will always return -1.

how can i remove the decals on the surface?

Can’t be done, I made a thread about it a while ago.

darkland, and other servers i’ve seen with SNPCS, as the shops…they don’t show blood when you shoot, i guess ill ask darkspider