npc cam tool

as any one made an tool that attaces [sorry for bad spelling] cams to npcs heads so like first person.

if any of u have please dont give me an download becuse my account on steam’s f***ed up so if any of u do have one please send me an either moddb or facepunch link.

yeah right… Warez

on topic i think you can weld the camera to the npc if you want

I’d give it to you, if you didn’t have such an awful spelling. You are even aware of it, why don’t you take some time to fix it.

Impossible to weld a camera to an npc, I’ve tried it before.
I’m pretty sure you’re a pirate, if your acc on steam is f***ed up, how would you be able to play gmod in the first place? Just buy the goddamn game, and fix your grammar.