NPC Camera Tool

No, what you can see on the following picture is not a custom shotgun viewmodel with rebel hands.

From this request :
Sorry for being so late, but I have not forgotten it. :v:

Well, basically, it can place a camera inside of the head of almost any NPC, so you can see through their eyes. It’s not just a simple weld : if the NPC turns his/her head, the camera will turn as well.

It’s quite fun to play with, and can be pretty useful for movies.

I will add a few more options later, such as position and angle offsets, and the ability to attach the camera to something else than the eyes, such as the cannon of a strider or a gunship.
Please report any bug encoutered. Any constructive criticism, or suggestions, are welcome. :slight_smile:

I remember this from Gmod9 (sorta)
Been looking for it forever!

Another Cool idea would be to let people actually, control the NPC.

That’s another story. You may have a little control on a NPC, but unless you recode it entirely, you will never have full control on it.

I’ve always wanted something like this. Thanks, and Lua King’d.

Well, thanks everyone. :v: Any suggestion ? I’m thinking about the ability to add a color and texture overlay to the camera (yay combine vision :science:).
And maybe TetaBonita’s night and X ray vision. That would look pretty awesome.

Oh, and does anyone know if there is a solution to remove the screen effect when you are hit, or when you die and the screen becomes all red ? And apply them when the NPC get hit, and not when you get hit ?

Also, I don’t know if you have noticed, but if you kill a NPC, the camera will stay on its ragdoll, which gives a pretty cool effect when the NPC dies while you are looking through its eyes. Just a simple question, does this work online ? I couldn’t try, since I can’t play online (proxy issues, etc…), but anyway, I don’t think it works because the ragdolls are clientside.

At least until garry fixes the fucking SNPCs!

Awesome. Kinged for great justice.

Wow this is awesome, going to test now. :wink:

lol this is pretty kewl. attaches camera to metrocop then runs away from him being chased

Only problem I’ve noticed so far is that when you kill the NPC, you can’t undo or remove them. I also installed mingebag_npc, so maybe that’s the problem.

Video :slight_smile:

I would rate you gold star, but I rated you Lua King instead.

I can’t wait to try this on hunters, vorts, fast zombies and poison zombies.

Lua king’d.

Man, this is really really awesome.

This is my new toy. :smiley:

Haha, I’ve always loved doing this…NPC cameramen!

When I kill the NPC the view switches back to me, I lose the camera :frowning:

Oh. My. God. You have not the faintest idea how much I want to have sex with you right now. this will make my movie making SO much easier. THANK YOU

The camera switches off if the npc is destroyed, eaten by a barnicle or online(?).


I think you should add a list of npcs which work and npcs which don’t.

So far I have a short list, I haven’t tried it on all npcs yet.

Works on:
Zombies (classic, classic torso, fast torso, poison and zombine)
Scanners and manhacks(though synth scanner’s view is a bit weird)
Combine Cameras
Doctors Kleiner and Magnusson.

Doesn’t work with:
Fast zombies

Haven’t tried but guessing will work:

Haven’t tried but guessing won’t work:

Haha, the rebel got owned at the end. :v:

Also, yes, it works for all humans and transhumans. I can make it work with striders, hunters, gunships, and maybe dropships, but I think it will never be possible for headcrabs, antlions, and birds. Headcrabs and birds don’t have any attachment at all, and antlions have only attachments on the legs, nothing near the head.

Glad to see you like it, by the way. :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Now when I make random npc fights on construct it will be way more entertaining! I may want to make a video to with this…

Only problems I’ve seen is that you can’t remove them when the npc is killed… but you can always just have the same number and putting it on another npc.

Also maybe fix some of the camera angles on some of the npc’s, like the zombie. You can sort of see, on the npc zombie, that the camera is inside is head sort of.

I do really like this though!