NPC car dealer can be deleted by users!

Ok so I have followed the tutorial and it has worked very well but users can delete the car dealer which results in no one being able to spawn in cars! Does anyone know a line of code or something which would prevent this from happening please? Thank you for reading and hope you can help!

Use FPP to restrict users / admins to be able to target blocked / world entities with their toolgun or physgun.

How would I do this and would it stop users from being able to buy cars?

No it would not stop users from buying cars, and Cyberuben just told you what to do?!??!

… When your ingame press Q, Utilities, Admin settings under Falco’s prop protection, Tool gun options, uncheck people can use tool on world entities < this should stop people from deleting your npc.

Or you can right click on the NPC and then click make persistent, this stops all contact with Physgun and Toolgun with the Entity you have made persistent.

Thanks!!! :dance: