NPC Car Dealer Error

Hey guys, I get this when I try to spawn my vehicle:

I have done the instructions here:

And I have checked my rp_getvehicles and it’s all correct inside the config. I am also running on DarkRP 2.5.

lua/npcshop/server line 112:
local entslist = ents.FindInBox(Vector(p.x + 100, p.y + 100, p.z - 20), Vector(p.x - 100, p.y - 100, p.z + 150))
if #entslist == 0 then
pos = p
ang = a

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:

Try using this version:

I am using the (Updated) version of it, is there a difference? Also, I’d really like to just fix this lua error so that I can just continue without having to install everything again :stuck_out_tongue:

Use the version I sent. It’s an unofficial fixed update.

Okay, I changed to the version you gave me and I get a bigger error:


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