Npc Car Dealer help!

Okay so im running this car dealer :
And everyhitng was working find but then one day I start my server and start getting this
"[ERROR] addons/npc car dealer/lua/npcshop/gui.lua:57: attempt to index local ‘parent’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/npc car dealer/lua/npcshop/gui.lua:57"

I know where this is but I’m not sure what to change the “parent” value

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Ask on the thread, this help section is for problems playing garry’s mod.

xChief. Send my your script and I can get it worked out for you.

Edit: Also the parent is as it sounds in your error. A nil value. So of course just as it sounds it’s just an empty value which has no reason of being there.

Can you do the same for me, I have the same problem