NPC Control and SWEP

Here is what i am trying to do. I have a top down view of an SNPC, kind of like an rts view. i can select him and click on the ground and have him run/walk using the lastposition schedule. I want to be able to have him shoot at a selected spot(world XYZ), so turn to xyz and shoot once.
here is the task i made. when it runs he turns to the spot, then turns to some place on the map(not where i have selected,and this spot doesnt seem to change.) and fires.


fire = ai_schedule.New( “Necro Unit Fire” )
fire:EngTask( “TASK_FACE_TARGET”, 0 )

also is it possible to change a swep model from outside the actual swep lua?
Thanks for the help.

That might be because it has no actual target, and as far as I know they need an actual entity to shoot at. What you could do is create an npc_bullseye at the position you want him to shoot, then set it as the target. Remove the npc_bullseye when you’re done.