NPC Control Problems

Hey guys. I haven’t played Gmod in ages and its all updated and stuff. It looks pretty damn cool. Okay, so here’s my problem: I installed NPC controller and I select lets say 6 NPC. Now, when I right click, lets say, a close distance to them they walk there fine. Now when I try to make them walk, and I right click somewhere much further away they don’t walk there. Is there any way I can fix this so I can make them walk all the way across the map with one click? Also, is there a way to make them move and attack at the same time, or does it already work that way? And one more thing, is there a way to make them walk to a certain place and then to another? I’m not talking like patrolling, I’m just talking like going to point B from point A in a zig zag line. Like have point A.1 and then A.2 so and so and so forth until they reach point B. Thanks for any help I can receive.