NPC Conversion

Hello, I just recently developed an interest in converting ragdolls to npcs. Why, because I dont want to wait for someone else to do it. I would like to know what programs I
would need and how to use them to do this. Thanks to anyone who helps me out with this.


Correction: Notepad++

I think he asks for necessary programs. Notepad++ is something that makes life easy. :slight_smile:
You can use notepad tho.

Okay, but how do I convert the ragdolls to npcs?

Lua coding.

add includes
add the luas

alright, that helps me somewhat, but barely at all.
I need someone to tell me how exactly to do it, like making ragdolls into working npcs.

You are saying this far wrong if you want to get any help.
The right way to say it is, what is the code needed to make ragdolls into working npcs.

Bingo, thanks, thats what I want to know.