NPC Crashing

I guess I’m back to breaking everything in odd ways.

I have about 5 different models right now. All of those models are built from the same QC and basically the same references. Each model has a compile for player and a compile for QC with the only difference being the animations and the path (slapping /npc in the path). One of the NPC models crashes shortly after being spawned, particularly when idle – it seems to be fine if spawned with a gun with enemies nearby, or fine if ai thinking is disabled. All of the other models with nearly identical QC files work completely fine and the player version of the model that crashes works fine as well. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have been as simple as just recompiling it as that didn’t do much.

Can you provide a link to your files before compiling?

What do you mean crashes? Does it crash game?

Turns out the face flexes were causing the crashing, but only on the NPC – and only on this particular one.

Seems a bit strange that it was only crashing because of the one NPC’s face flexes, but it’s good to hear that you at least narrowed it down to the specific one that’s causing the problem. Any idea why the face flexes for that NPC crashes the game?

Trying commenting out various frames one by one, to see if one single corrupted frame is the culprit.